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This stainless steel jar opener is the perfect tool for anyone who struggles with opening stubborn lids and jars. It is designed with an ergonomic rubber handle that provides a secure grip, making it effortless to twist and open any lid. Its curved, wide blade quickly and easily slides beneath the lid’s edge, allowing you to effortlessly pry it open. The strong stainless steel construction is built to last and its compact design makes it easy to store away in your kitchen drawer. Finally, it is dishwasher safe for easy clean-up.

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Basic Info


Type: Openers


Openers Type: Multifunction


Metal Type: ABS + metal + glue + screw


Feature: Sustainable, Stocked


Place of Origin: Xuancheng, China


Product name: High quality lid jar opener


Usage: cabinet jar opener


Function: easy open jar opener


Description: kitchen ware jar opener


Material type: ABS jar opener


Advantages of using jar openers:


1. Easier and Safer to Use: Manual jar openers are much easier and safer to use than other forms of kitchen tools and utensils. Jar openers provide a secure grip for opening jars, which eliminates the risk of injury.


2. Durable and Long-Lasting: Jar openers are extremely durable and designed to last a long time. Many are made from steel or other strong materials that make them ideal for frequent use.


3. Versatile: Jar openers come in a variety of sizes and styles, which gives them versatility to fit any jar size. Some openers are even adjustable, allowing them to fit multiple jar size requirements.


4. Inexpensive: Jar openers are relatively inexpensive, making them an ideal choice for those who are on a budget. Most are very affordable and easily accessible, making them the perfect kitchen tool to have on hand.


Benefits of using jar openers:


1. Helps improve safety in the kitchen:


Jar openers provide a good grip for users and offer greater control while opening jars, reducing the risk of hand or finger injuries.


2. Made to open almost any type of lid or bottle:


Jar openers are designed to fit a wide range of jar and bottle sizes, from small to large.


3. Can open hard-to-reach or tight-fitting lids:


No matter how tight the lid may be, jar openers can help release a lid without effort.


4. Can help reduce strain on hands and wrists:


Squeezing and twisting lids can be exhausting and cause hand and wrist discomfort. Jar openers provide an easy and convenient way to open jars without ensuring a tight grip.


5. Can reduce spilling and splattering:


When using jar openers, it is easier to keep the lid steady while twisting, thus reducing the chances of spilling and splattering.


6. Easier to use than using knives or utensils: It is much safer to use a jar opener than to rely on knives or utensils to open lids.



How do I safely use a jar opener?


1. Make sure that the lid of the jar opener is securely in place before beginning to open the jar lid.


2. Place the jar opener on the lid of the jar, ensuring that the ridges of the jar opener are lined up with the lid of the jar.


3. Place your hand on the lid of the jar and hold it firmly.


4. With your other hand, slowly and carefully twist the knob of the jar opener, turning it clockwise until you can feel the lid starting to give way.


5. Stop turning the knob when the lid has been released.


6. Carefully lift the lid off the jar using the jar opener, ensuring you do not come into contact with the sharp edges of the lid.


7. When you have finished opening the jar, place the lid on a flat surface and check whether it is still sealed and free of rust.


Is a jar opener more effective than using hands?


Yes, a jar opener is usually much more effective than using hands, especially for jars that have been vacuum sealed. Using hands can be difficult to get enough leverage, while a jar opener can be used to easily open most jars.


What features should I look for when buying a jar opener?


1. Adjustable settings: Look for an opener with adjustable settings to accommodate a variety of lid sizes.


2. Handles: Look for an opener with multiple handles for easier gripping.



3. Construction: Make sure the jar opener is made of strong metal or hard plastic that will last.



4. Non-slip base: Make sure the jar opener has a non-slip base to help keep it steady on the counter.



5. Reversible: Look for a reversible jar opener, one that can open both twist-on and pry-off lids.


Are jar openers suitable for all types of jars and lids?


No, jar openers are not suitable for all types of jars and lids. Some jar openers are better suited for certain types of jars and lids than others. It is best to check the manufacturer’s instructions to determine the appropriate jar opener for the particular jar lid.

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