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Are you looking for an easy way to create delicious and nutritious tomato juice in your own kitchen? Look no further than this amazing tomato juicer! Our powerful motor easily extracts the juice from tomatoes so you can make custom blends with ease. The stainless steel blade quickly separates the pulp and seeds from the juice, leaving you with a smooth and delicious drink. Plus, it’s easy to clean and comes with an integrated safety feature, so you can use it with confidence. Try it today and make the most of your tomatoes!


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Basic info


Application: Household


Housing Material: Plastic


Place of Origin: Xuancheng, China


Brand Name: OEM


Model Number: 004


Material: Stainless steel


Product name: Tomato Jucier


Optional Accessories: Tomato juicer and vegetable slicer


Mincing rate: 2kg/min


Usage: Home-use


Speed: On-Off-Reverse


Color: Customerized


Feature: High Efficiency


LOGO: Customized Logo Acceptable


Advantages of using tomato juicer:


1. Tomato juicers are often not as efficient as other types of juicers, such as centrifugal juicers, which are able to extract more juice from the same amount of tomatoes.


2. Tomato juicers can be messy, as the tomato pulp and juice can splash out of the juicer during the juicing process.


3. Tomato juicers are often more difficult to clean than other types of juicers, as the tomato pulp can get stuck in the blades and other parts.


4. Tomato juicers can be more expensive than other types of juicers.


Benefits of using tomato juicer:


1. Easier and Faster Preparation: Using a tomato juicer makes it much easier to quickly prepare tomato juice. It eliminates the need to separate the seeds and skin from the juice, which can be tedious and time-consuming.


2. Higher Yield: Tomato juicers can often provide a much higher yield than manual juicing. This means more juice for you to enjoy without having to go through the extra effort of manual juicing.


3. More Nutrients: Tomato juicers can preserve more nutrients than manual juicing. By completely removing the skin and seeds, a tomato juicer is able to produce a juice that is more nutrient-rich than when using a manual juicer.


4. Versatility: Tomato juicers can be used for more than just tomato juice. Many juicers can be used to juice other fruits and vegetables, such as apples and carrots. This makes them a great option for those who want to make fresh juice on a regular basis.


5. Easier Cleanup: Cleaning a tomato juicer is much easier than cleaning a manual juicer. Most juicers can be quickly rinsed off after use, making for quick and easy cleanup.



Company Overview


Business type:Custom manufacturer


Country / Region:Xuancheng, China


Main Products: Tomato Jucier, Other Kitchen Utensils


Total employees: 101 – 200 People


Total Annual Revenue: 2600000


Year established: 2003


Major Clients: Confidential


Certifications: BSCI


Product Certifications: Patents


Main Markets:


North America 47.00%


Western Europe 26.00%


Eastern Europe 18.00%



What safety precautions should be taken when using a tomato juicer?


1. Wear protective gloves when operating the juicer.


2. Make sure the juicer is properly assembled before use.


3. Keep hands and other body parts away from moving parts of the juicer.


4. Unplug the juicer when not in use or when cleaning.


5. Move the juicer away from the edge of the counter.


6. Keep the juicer away from children and pets.


7. Do not add any hard objects into the juicer, such as stones or other hard objects.


8. Regularly check the juicer parts for wear and tear.


9. Make sure all parts of the juicer are completely dry before use.


10. Clean the juicer thoroughly after each use.


What are some tips for using a tomato juicer effectively?


1. Start by washing the tomatoes and removing any stems.


2. Cut the tomatoes into small pieces to make them easier to juice.


3. Use a strainer to remove the seeds and skins before juicing.


4. Consider adding other ingredients like carrots, celery, and apples to add flavor and nutrition to the juice.


5. Place the juicer on a flat, stable surface and make sure it is securely fastened.


6. Feed the tomatoes into the juicer slowly and steadily.


7. Turn the juicer on and off as needed to keep the motor from overheating.


8. Make sure to clean the juicer immediately after juicing to avoid staining and buildup.

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